My First NPM Package

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1 min readFeb 6, 2021


It was an exciting experience whenever you create something for the first time. For me, it is my first NPM package and also my first Open source contribution. In this article, I will describe how easy to publish NPM Package.

Step 1: npm account


Step 2: Login

We will use Console or Terminal to Login

$ npm adduser or npm login

You’ll get a prompt for your username, password, and email.

Logged in as username to scope @username on

Step 3: Let’s make a package

Create a Folder$ mkdir directory_nameCreate a File - Package.json inside the folder$ cd directory_name$ npm init Edit the name in package.json
"name": "@username/number-system-converter"
Note: username: Your NPM username prefix with the '@' symbol

Step 4: Publish Package

npm publish — access=public — first time

npm publish — for update

If everything goes well You will see


My First NPM Package

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